Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Malaysian Muslim for Secular State : An Introduction (Muslim Malaysia untuk Negara Sekular : Pengenalan)

Muslims in Malaysia have come to cross roads, either to go for Islamic State or opt for a better alternative; a secular state.

When we come to cross road and unexplored paths lies ahead, normally we have to stop and start thinking seriously on which path to be chosen next. Unless of course if you are drunk or a reckless driver. But we don’t want to do that right? I will be frank to you, you find very, very few U-turns once you chosen one. If we choose the wrong path, we would suffer for a very long2 time and it would be very difficult to turn back.

We had been told by our Ulama that our salvation comes in the form of Islamic State. If you are not one of those who are in favor of Islamic State, you are on the brink of being Kufr- deviants that is sure of a place in hell.

Is this true? Does pro Islamic State equal to a ticket to heaven? Does pro Secular State equal to a place in hell? Have you even bother to check these Ulama’s argument?

Let’s discuss. Our Ulama scream on Musyawarah and Muzakarah. Let’s do just that. I really hope that our Ulama is sincere when they said that. I hope that it is not just lip service. If Muzakarah means only agreeing to the same thing, then we don’t need Muzakarah in the first place right?

We need to analyze. We need to put things under microscope. Is there any other way? We are talking about the future of our children. We are talking about our salvation. Let me tell you this, no Ulama can guarantee you a place in heaven. If they happen to be wrong and you had follow them, what is your excuse in front of Allah?

Would you try to put the blame on these Ulama? Hey, Allah never told us to follow blindly. Allah ask us to seek more knowledge; `Iqra bis mirak bi kal lazi halaq` and Allah ask us to analyze, to use our Aqal and wisdom. I seriously think that these kind of excuses would hardly be accepted.

In the past, the norm would be Ulama doing the teaching and we are expected to listen and obey. Our Ulama are prone to read; `as sami’ na wa a-ta`na`; `we hear and we obey`. But they never told you that it is specifically for Allah and not for them right?

Time change. There are no more one way communication. This time we shall put them under microscope. Whatever they say and do would be put into test. I say this for all Ulama regardless of their political affiliations.

Please do join in. I really don’t mind if you disagree with me. But lets mind our words. We can agree to disagree but in the end lets not lose our respect to each other.


Orang Islam di Malaysia sudah sampai ke persimpangan jalan. Mereka boleh memilih untuk mendirikan Negara Islam ataupun Negara Sekular.

Apabila kita sampai ke persimpangan jalan dan di hadapan adalah jalan-jalan yang tidak pernah diterokai, selalunya kita akan berhenti sebentar dan menimbang untuk memilih jalan yang mana untuk dilalui seterusnya. Kecualilah anda mabuk ataupun pemandu cuai.

Tetapi kita tentu saja tidak mahu melakukan demikian bukan? Saya berterus terang pada anda, amat sukar untuk kita temui U turn pada jalan-jalan dihadapan ini. Jika kita tersilap memilih jalan, kita akan sengsara untuk satu jangka masa yang lama dan sukar untuk berpatah balik.

Kita selalu diberitahu oleh para Ulama bahawa untuk kesejahteraan masyarakat, kita memerlukan sebuah Negara Islam. Seringkali mereka melaungkan bahawa jika kita menyokong penubuhan Negara sekular, kita akan hampir kepada kekufuran.

Benarkah begitu? Adakah menyokong penubuhan Negara Islam akan membantu kita di akhirat kelak? Adakah menyokong penubuhan Negara sekular akan menyebabkan kita terhumban ke gaung neraka?

Mari lah kita berbincang. Para Ulama selalu melaungkan konsep Musyawarah dan Muzakarah. Mari lah kita sahut seruan ini. Cuma satu harapan saya, ini bukanlah satu slogan semata-mata untuk menunjukkan bahawa golongan Ulama juga berfikiran terbuka. Jika bermuzakarah bermaksud bahawa kita mesti bersetuju dalam semua perkara, maka untuk apa muzakarah itu?

Marilah kita teliti sehalus halusnya perkara ini. Adakah terdapat pilihan lain? Kita sedang bercakap tentang masa depan anak-anak kita. Kita sedang bercakap tentang saat kita nanti di hadapan Allah. Tiada Ulama yang boleh menjamin tempat kita di syurga nanti. Bagaimana jika mereka tersilap dan kita pula mengikuti kesilapan mereka? Apakah alasan kita di hadapan Allah nanti?

Adakah kita akan cuba untuk menyalahkan Ulama tersebut untuk melepaskan diri? Padahal Allah sudah dan dengan jelas mengarahkan kita agar jangan mengikuti membabi buta. Allah menyuruh kita mendalami ilmu. Allah menyuruh kita menggunakan akal untuk menganalisa dengan akal dan fikiran. Apakah alasan dengan menyalahkan orang lain akan dapat diterima nanti?

Pada masa dahulu, selalunya Ulama akan mengajar dan kita disuruh untuk mendengar dan patuh. Tetapi masa telah berubah. Kali ini apa yang mereka ajar dan buat akan kita teliti sehalus halusnya. Ini adalah bagi semua Ulama tanpa mengira fahaman politik mereka.

Sertailah kami. Jika anda tidak bersetuju dengan kami, sila kan. Yang penting dalam perbincangan hendaklah berhemah. Biarlah kita tidak bersetuju dlm banyak perkara sekalipun tetapi biarlah perasaan hormat sesama sendiri itu wujud di kalangan kita.


Haris said...


I like your closing words.

'We can agree to disagree but in the end lets not lose our respect to each other'

I look forward to your future postings and the opportunity to exchange thoughts with you through your blog.

God bless

Satria Asia said...

Yes. Yes. Very good. Situations of the 7th century cannot be the same as the 21st century. Only the Quran is the truth.

stir said...

Living in a secular environment gives muslims the choice of living as a mukmin on their own accord and choice, which by the way, is a great gift to humans by Allah.

Isn't this the real quest (jihad) and challenge for all muslims?

Ulamas, when given political mandate, tend to blind us with their dogma. So-called religious laws implemented are one-sided and without recourse or challenge. Religious scriptures are distorted or literally interpreted for total political control.

Transparency would be non-existent, nepotism would be rife, human rights would be worse that what it already is; in other words, a recipe for disaster for all Malaysians.

Ulamas have a place in society, but not to govern in political matters.

Our country needs democratically elected, passionate and intelligent law makers, of laws that apply equally to all.

Muslims don't need a Sharia court that totaly disregards basic human rights, children's rights, women's rights, disabled persons rights. Name just one muslim country in the world where individual rights have not been severely violated by barbaric and literal interpretation and application of the 'muslim' law!

Let Allah be the judge for spiritual transgressions, not the Shariah court. Let the secular courts judge us on secular and worldly issues. Ulamas, please stay clear! Secularism for me, secularism for my children, secularism for the future of all Malaysians.


laurie said...

There is only one creator...whatever families we are born into teach us what their ancestors taught them....whatever name we call the creator...he or she is the same for all humans...stop this madness...all the wars and evil....there is only one...the same for us all....end this nonsense.....respectfully